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The new Smart Box is a retentive caps housing with

innovative design. Thanks to a pivoting mechanism with a rotational core,

it allows a passive insertion under extreme conditions, also up to 50° divergency.

SmartBox Sezione Descrizioni ENG


Grafica-Inclinazione Smartbox




Smartbox KIT 335SBCKit Smartbox

Ref. 335SBC

Kit Contains:
• 1 Smartbox housing with black cap for laboratory 
• 1 Pink protective disk
• 4 sorted retentive caps
     (1 extra-soft, 1 soft, 1 standard, 1 forte)


Smartbox Contenitorecapp nera 330SBESmartbox housing 

Ref. 330SBE

Kit Contains:
• 1 Smartbox housing with black cap for laboratory 

Smarbox Cappetta Nera Laboratorio

Smartbox black caps for laboratory 

Ref. 335CSB

Kit Contains:
• 4 Smartbox black caps (for laboratory) 
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