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Directional rings (green) are positioned on the base of the attachment.

With the OT Box bar glued together, cut away any  excess and use only the part that will become the housing for the retentive cap. The OT Box must be placed on the plastic positioner.

Modeling phase: The OT Box housing is in position and connected to the other parts with self-curing resin.

The modeled reinforcement, finished  with wax and pins, to prevent breakage of the teeth.

The cast reinforcement on the model with metal pins for each tooth.

The finished  prosthesis with the retentive caps inserted in the cast housings.

Screw the abutment on the model and choose the appropriate cuff height.

Mount the directional rings and rotate them until you find the position that will achieve optimal parallelism.

Because of the elasticity of the retentive caps, they work very well if incorporated in the acrylic and/or in the pre-fabricated stainless steel housing. By using the stainless steel housing it is much easier to change the retentive caps.

The finished prosthesis with the stainless steel housing and retentive caps in place.





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