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Sphero-flex Grafica















The Sphero Flex implant abutments for overdenture attachments are compatible with any implant system currently on the market. The Sphero Flex swivel ball comes with a diameter of 2.5 mm and is flexible to 7.5 in any direction. Sphero Flex has been designed to correct angulation problems up to 43° between two implant abutments.
This attachment is titanium nitrate coated and has a Vickers surface hardness of 1600. The female component of the attachment is a nylon cap that comes in a variety of colors and snaps over the ball to help prevent wear and increase retention.



Sphero Flex

Sphero Flex with Titanium Nitate coating - Standard Sphero flex comp109

Ref. 109

Kit Contains
- 1 Titanium Abutment with swivel sphere - 2.5 mm
- 2 Pink Caps - Soft Retention
- 1 Stainless Steel Housing for resin
- 1 Protective Disk
- 3 Directional Rings



Directional Rings For Sphero Flex and Sphero Block

Ref. 100AD

Kit Contains
- 3 Colored Rings With Inclination - 0°, 7°, 14°

Standard Size Analog Kit - For Sphero Flex and Sphero Block

Ref. 044ABN

Kit Contains
- 1 Standard Size Analog
- 3 Colored Directional Rings With Inclination - 0°, 7°, 14°
- 1 Black Standard Cap for Laboratory Use

Micro Size Analog Kit - For Sphero Block

Ref. 044ABM

Kit Contains
- 1 Micro Size Analog
- 3 Colored Directional Rings With Inclination - 0°, 7°, 14°
- 1 Black Micro Cap for Laboratory Use


Chiave Sphero block flex oro 771CEF chiusaKey for Sphero Block & Sphero Flex

Ref. 771CEF
Kit Contains
- Fits Standard & Micro spheres
- 2.3 mm Hex


Chiave manipolo equator da-sola 760CEHex Driver for Torque Controller - Contra Angle

Ref. 760CBM



Anti-Unscrewing System With Elastic Dowel

Ref. TE

Applies to Sphero Flex & Sphero Block


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