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Logo OT VerticalThe Pivot Flex line of titanium posts were developed for direct denture solutions. The self-aligning Pivot Flex post features a swivel ball with a 2.5 mm diameter and is suitable for divergent roots. Denture insertion is said to be easy and trauma-free when the posts are used with directional rings to align retentive caps before the resin curing stage. There are five levels of retentive caps available in different colors.


        OT vertical-COMP             

OT Vertical

OT Vertical
Ref. 0710BV

 Kit Contains:
- 4 Castable Males
- 2 Castable Steady
- 4 Retentive White Clips
- 2 Retentive Green Clips
- 4 Ceramic Bars
- 4 Castable Parallelometer Keys + Pin






Maschiochiave 072MCV
Ref. 072MCV

Kit Contains
- 2 Castable Males
- 2 Pin Keys

Steady-Calcinabile 072SCV
Ref. 072SCV 

Kit Contains
- 2 Castable Steady


Barretta-Ceramica 072BCV
Ref. 072BCV 

Kit Contains
- 2 Ceramic Bars



Clip Bianca 072CBV
Ref. 072CBV 

Kit Contains
- 4 White Clips - Standard Retention



Clip verde 072CVV
Ref. 072CVV 

Kit Contains
- 4 Green Clips - Soft Retention




OT Vertical Inseritore 072ICVRef. 072ICV    - Insertion Tool For OT Vertical Clips








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