Reconstructive Solid Sphere

Dental attachments, like most other mechanisms, are subject to wear and tear. Rhein83 produces spheres for restoring worn ball attachments which restore and stabalize the prosthesis in a single appointment. Reconstructive spheres are bonded over the worn ball restoring the attachment to it’s original size.
Rhein83 offers two types of reconstructive spheres; A solid sphere and a concave sphere. Both types are titanium nitrate coated with a Vickers hardness of over 1600. The concave reconstructive sphere is available in 1.8 mm, 2.2 mm and 2.5 mm ball diameter and the solid reconstructive sphere is available with a 1.8 mm ball diametter. The concave sphere is used for restoring worn ball attachments and the solid sphere is used for restoring ERA and CEKA type attachments.