Antirotation System

The anti-rotationality of the seeger ring is possible
thanks to the stop inside the prosthetic abutment
which prevents any seeger rotation

Sistema Extragrade

The OT Bridge prosthetic abutment must be positioned with its
extragrade flaring in correspondance of the implant undercut.

Reference flat milled surface

The external flat milled surface acts as referen- ce point and identifies the position of the inter- nal extragrade flaring.

With divergent implants, the extragrade abutment must be inserted with the external flat milled surface in correspondance of the maximum undercut of the Ot Equator.

Ttitanium abutments with through hole screw and castable sleeve

The titanium abutments with through hole screw are used in all dentures
where the divergence does not create any aesthetic problem for the access to
the prosthetic screw in the dental arch.

Titanium abutments inclined at 15° with no through hole screw, and castable sleeve

The Extragrade titanium abutments with no through hole for screws are used
to create a fixed denture “Seeger Bridge” even on very divergent implants,
exploiting, with the Seeger, the abutment undercuts as an anchoring area
obtaining in this way a “snap” retention.