OT Bar Multiuse System

The OT BAR is a double-sided bar, a flat side and a round side that can be
used every time according to the needs. If resilience is needed, the bar is mounted with the flat part turned upwards, if you build a rigid-function prosthesis, the round side faces upwards. When the bar is mounted in a single linear section, for example in the classic case between two canines in the incisive area, one of the two sides can be used indifferently. In the case of the round side we will have a fluctuating movement with failure only in the distal edentulous area. In the other version we will have a resilience also in the incisive area and the subsidence even in the distal area. Another opportunity is the fused reinforcement structure to the mobile resin prosthesis that will be modeled directly on the MASTER model without duplicating the model in the coating. The niche of this fusion that retains the retentive CLIP is calculated with a tolerance to the inlet that allows a lasting functionality to the retentive CLIP.