Fixed prosthesis on implants with OT BRIDGE system
overdentures on implants and on natural teeth


Events to organize


  • Analysis of the parameters that you need to know to find your way around the design and construction of a correct implant-supported prosthesis.
  • OT BRIDGE: protocol for the use of OT Equator in fixed prosthesis with OT Bridge system.
  • Immediate loading: advantages of using the system with elastic seeger, passivation, effectiveness and execution times.
  • Implantology: from the sphere to the OT Equator. Which attachment to choose according to the clinical case? When is a low-profile attachment preferable and what advantages does it offer? Use of Smartbox to correct divergences between implants up to 50°, peri-overdenture applications: castable components and CAD CAM procedures. Solutions for passive bars with Seeger system.
  • Root-supported overdentures: When is a project efficient? Temporary or definitive? Normo and micro spherical-head pivot, OT Equator-head pivot: when does an OT Equator pivot offer advantages. Using Smartbox in root-supported overdentures.
  • Clinical cases analysis


  • Aanalysis of spherical-head and OT Equator-head attachments on a demonstration model
  • Divergences between implants and correction with Smartbox
  • Gingival edge measurement with the MBG precision instrument
  • Case analysis and choice of the solution (fixed p. – removable p. – p. with bar)
  • OT Bridge – study of a fixed p. case on the model and its solution.
  • Root-supported overdenture: study of a case.


  • What are the most common inconveniences in the daily practice of dentists in fixed and removable prothesis: simple and repeatable solutions.